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By Pipers For Pipers

Only the soul of a piper can understand the sole of a piper’s brogue. Claymore Brogues are ghillie brogues designed by Michael and Wheaton McClanathan, owners of Claymore Imports, Kilt Rental USA, and Claymore Brogues. These pipers have marched a mile in your shoes.

Proud Sponsors of Grade 1 L.A. Scots Pipe Band

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High Impact Poron®

Claymore Brogues were consciously created with the equilibrium of fashion and comfort at the center of the design. That’s why our kilt shoes maintain both so well. Our soles are made with Poron urethane, part of why Claymore Brogues are the most comfortable shoes on the market!

claymore ghillie brogues egg drop comfort test

Military Grade Sole

Claymore Brogues’ soles are made by the same manufacturer who make shoes for the United States military. Nobody marches more than soldiers…except maybe pipe bands.

claymore ghillie brogues military grade sole

5 Year Sole Warranty

Claymore Brogues aren’t just comfortable, but they’re also durable. Made in the same factory as the U.S military boots, our ghillies are made to last as long as your passion.

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Made in USA

Never doubt the honesty of our made-in-America brogues. These are ethically manufactured, high-quality, great looking kilt shoes that never rely on outsourced labor. We offer true Scottish style, and true American manufacturing. Tradition should never be outsourced.

claymore ghillie brogue made in america, thistle shoe made in china, avriel brogues made in mexico

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30 Day Rough Guarantee

Give our ghillies a thirty day trial run. Feel free to subject them to normal wear and tear. As long as they are in reasonably good shape, we will offer you a full return if you’re not satisfied!

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